Top 5 Phone Fumbles!

27/11/2014 Tracy Stuart takes you through the 5 most common telephone fumbles she hears...

I am quite sure that your front of house team deal fantastically well with all the incoming enquiries that they receive. They are a model of professionalism and the conversion rate of new patients is more than reasonable. 

The only problem is: that's what every practice thinks! So, what are some of the key mistakes that all teams make when a new patient gets in touch?

  • Not trying to build a relationship with a potential patient - simply answering ‘yes' and ‘no'. E.g. a potential patient rings the practices and asks, "How much is teeth whitening?" Team member simply answers "€295" and that is the end of the conversation
  • Lack of greeting
  • Having the answer machine on at lunchtime - the time that most new patients are likely to ring, madness!
  • Not asking open ended questions so that potential patient relays information
  • Poor telephone manner and attitude - making the potential patient feel like they interrupted them

Not your practice? Ring any bells? Still convinced that your team don't do any of these? Definitely didn't sound like this?! 

Tracy Stuart looks at top 5 phone fumbles that dental teams makeWhy not put it to the test and take me up on my offer of a FREE Mystery Shopper Call - you have nothing to lose and potentially, many, many patients to gain. Simply click here to arrange your call - or call me on 01438 217944. 

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