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29/09/2014 Ever wondered how your dental reception team deal with incoming calls? Let's hope it is not like this...

I am quite sure that your front of house team deal fantastically well with all the incoming enquiries that they receive. They are a model of professionalism and the conversion rate of new patients is more than reasonable. The only problem is: that's what these practices thought too - listen to this Mystery Shopper Call!

Shocking eh? Well I hope that is what you think anyway! Over 120 practices took this challenge and some of the major faults in the call that you have just heard were present in 90% of them. And, these were practices who were reasonably confident that they were getting it right - still so sure about your team?

Well why not find out for yourself at no cost to you? Simply fill out the Contact Form here and in the message box type, "I would like a free mystery shopper call."

That's all there is to it. Then, at a time known only to the NBS team, we will make a call to your practice and find out how they are dealing with the future health of your business. We will record the call and then share it with you. How you decide to proceed then is entirely up to you.

What are you waiting for?


PS If you weren't sure why the previous Mystery Shopper call was so bad, listen to how it should be done here

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